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Hi, my name is Dulce Rojas living in Arizona. I am 18 years old and my birthday is November 1st. I was born in Mexico and I came to the United States at 8 back in oct. 2005. I have a low paying job I shouldn't be doing because I don't have a permit to work yet. My parents didn't help much or were involved in my life at school and i graduated high school with low C some As some Ds with quite a few absences and about one or two bad reports. Now I have realized how hard life is when you don't have someone telling you what to do 5 days out of the week. 2 years ago I met my boyfriend who I live with and he thought me a lot of things about the real world and how important money is but how easy it is to obtain it if you know how to make it back. Money isn't everything but is important and due to keeping people happy I've settled not for less but I know I can do better. Is been really hard for me to keep focus on what my priorities should be with all the bills I already have to pay. I came here to seek for help from someone who knows how to make a millions. money makes everything easier. I wish my family never argued over some piece of paper. Money really isn't much to me but I know the value of it. I really want to be a business owner and even be good at owning business and managing money I own casinos all over the world. Or anything. Restaurants hotels. Any good investment. I would really appreciate if if you got back to me with some good advice on how to keep my eyes on the prize and how to manage my money. Thanks a lot.

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