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I founded 3 startups in the past 30 years ,built them up and sold them to fortune 50 and fortune 100 firms.i did the selling,customer service,marketing,copywriting,recruitment production and raising capital,i never had a red quarter.My ship is very tight and I use a lot of systems. I taught 3 courses evenings for 20 years. They were 1) how to run a startup. 2)How to sell and build a sales force. And 3) How to do customer service (one of the most important course)My teaching is not from books but from my actual experience and knowledge.I hate to be surprised and stay on top of everything. Im a hands on guy and will give you whatever time that you need. I’ll always be there for you and will jump in.Being very upfront ,I don’t sugarcoat and will always give you the facts. I do charge but it is a
Very minimal amount.The reason that I do is that I found that people do not appreciate things that they get for nothing.I have always been a winner and will make you one too.This will be a course.Herkus176@gmail.com

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I expect them to work very hard. Running a business is a difficult undertaking.Some people just can’t do it..My job is to tell you this if I feel that you are not suited to be an entrepreneur.the most important thing that I require is honesty.

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