Nicole Faith

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Hi, I'm Nicole Faith Entrepreneur and Women's Leadership Coach.

I am the owner of Nicole Faith Consulting Agency, where I specialize in helping both individuals just starting out in business as well as seasoned entrepreneurs leverage their businesses for success. My agency offers a wide range of resources to help businesses gain credibility and funding, obtain grants, and create comprehensive business plans.

As a personal development coach, I take great pleasure in guiding both women and men towards a more intentional and fulfilling life. I help individuals learn how to make wise decisions and optimize their personal and professional growth.

Whether you need assistance with starting your business, scaling your existing venture, or seeking personal development, Nicole Faith Consulting Agency is here for you. With our expertise and dedication, we are confident that we can make a positive impact on your business journey.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

1. Asking Questions
2. Being Productive
3. Maintaining an Organized and Structured Approach
4. Being Prepared to Receive Accountability
5. Exhibiting Consistent Behavior
6. Being Respectful and Punctual
By embodying these expectations as a mentee, you can make the most of your mentorship experience and foster a productive and mutually beneficial relationship.

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Reviews From 1 Mentees:

Nicole is the perfect mentor to bring in the New Year with or at any time of the year. She provided me with so much value, guidance, and encouragement. I appreciate her faith-based approach, as Nicole has a scripture ready to help me see the vision clearly. Faith is knowledgeable in business and ready to provide the necessary information to help me move forward. I am confident that with her mentorship, 2024 will be my best year to come.

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Written about 5 months ago

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