Nicole Faith

Life & Personal Development Mentor

Hi, I’m Nicole Founder and CEO of Passions of Empowerment, & Faith Flourished Coaching. More in depth I’m a Women’s Leadership Coach. I help change makers stand in their power and create a strong spiritual life and business. I don’t coach to coach. I activate leaders who specifically works with clients to help them succeed and achieve their destinies.
I’ve already helped almost 2000 clients from all over the world, to begin their journey of success.
One thing that makes my business stand out, is that I personally do what I love, feel totally fulfilled by my choices, AND lead a balanced and free life on my terms. My business teaches others how to do the same, from a place of trust and integrity. Something I am specifically looking for right now is new and creative clients to build them even more into success and hate their jobs. I advocate and nurture passion, so yes do what you love!!!

What I Expect From A Mentee:

Ask questions
Respect Timetable
Prepare the meeting
Be Human or Genuine Authentic Self
Set Goals

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