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My name is Michael Hodler Jr., and I am 33 years old and owned 4 business, 2 of which i have sold for profit in the last 12 months. I’m learning more about bitcoin, ethereum and how Blockchain works. Cryptocurrency is the future of how we do business together. I'm focus on working and partnering up with smart entrepreneurs that need that extra guidance in business to become successful. I am passionate about the Real Estate, Technology, Environmental, Consultant, Social Media Marketing, Innovation, and much much more..

I always strive to learn new trends in all fields to keep up with technology and innovation and see how I can help people with new products and I gladly take the time to share the secret of my success with other entrepreneur's. Helping people is my main priority.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

What Expected from my Mentor?

• Have the energy and ability to support me with life goals.
• Possesses a strong professional network.
• Have experience in the area or field that you have identified for development.
• Are an excellent listener.
• Are trustworthy, non-judgmental, and ethical.
• Have a genuine interest in helping you develop personally and professionally.
• Are well respected by their peers in their field of expertise.
• Possess a work style and work ethic similar to yours, unless the different style is what you are seeking to master.

Were willing to share their wisdom, knowledge, skills and expertise.
Had a positive outlook on life. They helped me through tough times and showed me how to find the opportunity in the difficulties I was facing.
Were genuinely concerned about me and my success. In addition to be knowledgeable, they were empathic.
Really knew what they were doing. I respected them for their knowledge and skills.
Kept growing themselves. All of my mentors were curious and inquisitive. Sometimes the roles were reversed. They asked what I was reading, and then read the books themselves – so they could learn and we could discuss the ideas.
Gave me direct, constructive feedback. They held me to high standards. They congratulated me when I met their expectations. They corrected me when I failed to do so – but in a manner where I learned what not to do the next time.
Were respected by their colleagues. People who are highly regarded in their field or company make the best mentors.
Sought out and valued the opinions of others. My best mentor always told me to listen most carefully to the people with whom I disagreed – in that way I might learn something. And, he was right.

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