Lenica S.

Business & Entrepreneurship Mentor


I am a dedicated business owner and successful former corporate professional who believes in the importance of having a solid support system in both business and personal life. I have an enthusiasm for leveraging my skills, experience and natural talents to help elevate up and coming or established business owners, who are passionate about what they do and the clientele they serve.

I'd love for us to connect and learn more about each other and see how I can help!

What I Expect From A Mentee:

Respect for the Mentor-Mentee relationship is key. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone in order to grow! I’d also like for anyone I work with to be committed to the learning and development process and be willing to be open and transparent during our time together. Having a vision and goals for yourself and your business is great – though if this is one of your challenges, we can work through this together.

I believe business/entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with self-awareness and personal development so be prepared that some of our sessions/conversations may start or focus on the personal in order to understand or strengthen the business aspects.

At times, there may be assigned work to follow through and solidify topics we discuss during our sessions. Sessions would typically be once a week at a mutually convenient time until/unless an alternate frequency is agreed upon.

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