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Here late last yr around the end of November my first son was born. I was working out at a chicken plant in Sanford, North Carolina trying to catch up on debt and move from my mothers apartment. I always had a different view of life and since I was 15 I began looking for answers in the world about this thing called life. I'm 23 now and eventually I looked everywhere for answers articles, books, documentaries, classic YouTube videos, google, I mean you name it I probably researched it and thought it through thoroughly multiple times (unless it was indifferent to me anyway) through this journey I found myself and once I found myself I knew almost everything I didn't want to do but not what I wanted (I mean exactly what I wanted) it was hard for me I literally would go job to job get tired of it and find my way out the door. So then my searches and resources for these questions became better they improved and the answers I would find became better! Self education was like my new drug! I ended up getting fired from my old and started working with my step father at a transformer company in Dunn, North Carolina after a month and a half I quit on purpose. And then I read somewhere this quote from a millionaire "the two most important days in your life is when you are born and the day you figure out what you want to do"... it stuck! However I didn't know what I wanted to do but I knew financial freedom and becoming my own boss and helping others wasn't going to come from repairing transformers or saddle packing organic chickens. So I went back to the drawing board I was always interested in music but it was hobby something I loved doing with my friends it wasn't making me any money. I needed a career something I could be passionate about I came across an ad from Tai Lopez on YouTube about real estate since then I have read a couple articles and books on real estate and Entrepeneurs, watched endless videos and a few training courses on Investors and I'm here to tell you I'm locked in I'm all for it and I really hope I can find the mentor I need with like minded interest to show me the ropes out here in the real estate and investing world and we can be off to the races !

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I'm fairly new to this site but I won't sell you short here I've read a couple of books and articles about investing from ground up. Webinar, seminars, and training courses has given me a general idea but it also made me realize I have a lot to learn and there's no better way to learn than from others and experiences. I'm telling you being as honest as I can my true purpose in life is HELPING. It's all I'm about at the end of the day. Self help and logic are big to me. I just want to learn the ropes and create a better future myself and my son. I don't have the least but I certainly don't have the most either. I only want a healthy relationship with someone I can trust and to become an investor and start as many business as possible, even marketing other products if I can and HELP OTHERS out there like me!

Thank you, -Robert

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