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Well ive lived my entire life not caring for myself mentally physicallly, emotionally like were all supposed to do. Im always worrying about other people and issues that couldnt benefit my future. Ive always ignored the bigger problems and didnt let it all bother me. I became good at it. But were not supposed to ignore problems, were supposed to face them. So three years ago i had my first heart break. Like i was mentally weak. Emotionally weak. And once i felt the pain. All the pain i avoided through childhood had caught up to me right along with this heartbreak. It was too heavy for me. Still to this day. Its heavy. I lost so much of myself. Well i guess i didnt lose it. Its just gone as of now. Im not ever motivated. I wake up every day feeling bad about myself. I always feel like i dont belong.
But i do know i need to find a way to get myself together. And this may be the way. Cause ive tried it alone and it just hasnt done anything.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I expect my mentor to just simply want to help and fulfill their words of helping.

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