Life & Personal Development Mentee

I am a recent graduate from St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College with a Degree in Medicine. I served as a member of the executive board of the graduation committee and head of the creativity team and developed my graphic design skill which is instrumental tool to communicate health related issues to the general public. As a keen advocate for community outreach, I recently co-founded the Xanthrons Charity Initiative (XCI) - an initiative based on the core ideal of strengthening volunteerism among medical professionals. As the maiden event of the XCI, me, along with my teammates, organized the voluntary screening of street dwellers. I am also Founder and Executive Director of a new Start-Up company which aims to improve Ethiopian Health Professionals’ working environment. I am currently working as an advisor in a healthcare consultancy company. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and enjoys reading self-development books and listening to reggae and jazz music.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I expect my mentor to help me see the bigger picture, provide me with tools, advice and training so that I can achieve my short-term and long-term goals in a relatively shorter period of time. I expect my mentor to support me improve my soft skills and develop my self-confidence and decision making. Since I am interested in entrepreneurship, my mentor would assist me to develop important skills like leadership, time management, prioritization, communication and boost my creativity. I believe we will have a good professional relationship with and be more motivated and positive after every session. I expect him/her to talk at least once per week.

More about this mentee:

  • Member since over 3 years
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