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Serial Entrepreneur, consultant . More then 15 yeasrs in ICT and digital marketing mainly in Western Balkan. Four startups (4ward, Mnogoo Media, Brand Union and Aspida) With experience in design of platforms recognizing innovations, all around thinker, pushing ideas to their limits, addicted to new technologies, business planning, etc. More then 12 years as co-owner and CEO of 4ward ICT company, Mnogoo Media co-owner and mentor for business development and product development Digital publisher, co-owner and mentor of Brand Union business development and strategy of modern digital agency, co-owner and CTO of Aspida building new video broadcasting platform for rich notifications on smart devices. Main expertise in understanding the needs of the people in this modern era finding innovative way to connect/integrate startups and their products/ideas as sustainable businesses. IT expert in EBRD Macedonia 15 years, Mentor in European Enterprise Network 6 years.

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Commitment :)

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