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Founded a business in my early 20s. While I owned my business, I consulted VPs and execs of several billion dollar corporations on growth strategies for new products. Was hired on as a manager at age 25 for a $1B company. Director at age 27 for $100M+ tech company (managing managers).

I specialize in GTM strategy, marketing, demand generation and growth. I also have experience in GTM for multiple startups (Going from 0 to $5m bootstrapped).

I am interested in mentoring / being a resource to rising stars that are doing one of the following:
1) Launching a tech startup and need a mentor to help refine your idea or coaching on GTM strategy.
2) You want advice for moving into leadership and/or climbing the ladder.
3) You are interested in a business or marketing career and want advice.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I am available to meet 1x per week for 30 minutes.

More about this mentor:

  • Member since about 2 years

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