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My name is Kara, and I am going through a lot of stuff right now. I just got back to school and this is my first semester trying to finish off my MBA degree with 6 courses left to take. Also I just moved apartment and have been living alone for 2 years now. Besides that, I was always living at home. Im 32 years old now and sad truth to be living with your parents for so long. Many things are a new learning experience to me :). I've been having some conflict at work and sometimes if not least to say with some co-workers. I've having difficulty with conflict resolution and communication since I'm always the "nice girl" and always take the beating and tries to avoid tensions. I always beat myself up later, and say "why did I not say that, or why I did not do this". Sometimes at work, I get annoyed with people and situations and can't get over it, even when I get home. On top of that overall stress, coming home to work on my MBA degree, and stress at work does not help the problem. I have also been thinking when I get my MBA I want to get my PH.D in management and have been researching online. My concern is "How will I every pay for it and survive" living alone? Do I need to get a better job? How to start!. I'm thinking if mentoring is the solution to my madness and how best to start.

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