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Hi, Potential Mentor(s),

What brought me here is the sincere need for entrepreneurial and financial guidance For the last year and a half, I’ve been co-managing a Fine Woodwork and Furniture Restoration Service with my Business Partner, Mark Lowell. He started this business over 25 years ago, in Brooklyn, New York, but brought me on, in April of 2014, to update the company’s business model.

I started off by re-designing the business cards and company website, setting up social media profiles and having the business licensed as an Limited Liability Corporation. Armed with more professional tools, I strategically set up marketing campaigns to increase our visibility and properly highlight Mark’s exceptional work. Within a scant 3 months, our revenue increased by 40%! Things were going so well. Mark offered me ten percent ownership of his company. it may not sound like a lot, but after suffering from a disability - Bell’s Palsy- I am extremely grateful.

The intent of M.L. Finishing & Refinishing LLC is to remain community-based. We want to increase awareness on the benefits of “upcycling” wood-based products. On a daily continuum, we see the hazards of cutting down our trees, (which offers a healing benefit), fashioned into beautiful, historic furniture, only to be thrown away! What our company can do, and has done, is “make something old new again’.

Our immediate needs are to cover our advertising, education, equipment , lease and marketing expenses, As you can imagine, my ten percent of a $1200 job barely leaves me enough to live on, and if these jobs aren’t done on a regular basis, well, ship has sunk. This has led to a lot of resentment, as Mark retains the lion’s share of profits. It’s fair, since it is, technically, his company. So, in preparation for any extensive downturns in our industry, I want to create a unique line of products, that will satisfy our Clients health and safety needs Looking at what could provide residual income for us, is of the utmost importance. Any help would be greatly-appreciated. Thank you!

What I Expect From A Mentor:

There needs to be a high-level of professionalism, but not to the point of condescension. I expect my Mentor to contact me at least twice per week. I prefer being contacted through email. if necessary, i can be contacted by phone, but, please, let me know, beforehand, as I screen my calls.

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