Shanna M

Life & Personal Development Mentee

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be mentored by YOU! I am seeking guidance and foresight from an experienced mentor who has been seasoned in the school of life and religious vocations ,who believes he/she is capable to LEAD me into the various aspects of my Purpose(s) and God-ordained assignment on the earth.

You will find my zeal, eagerness to learn and turbo charged ambition to be both refreshing and stimulating as we embark on this Journey of helping me to become my HIGHEST self.

With a Blazing heart, fed from the flame of desire, I look forward to working with you.......

God Bless you,
Shanna Mason

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I am seeking a mentor with a tailor-made approach to my needs and willing to offer solid advice and guidance in assisting me to achieve my goals.
My ideal mentor is one who can take me from the cradle of mere potential to the actual manifestation of the thing sought.......

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