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You know when you have the motivation to be successful, you know that feeling in your stomach when you know you have it in you but the only thing to stopping you from your very own potential is unfortunately the harsh truth of yourself? That is where I am in my life. I am 18, my friends, coworkers, teachers and sometime strangers give me that extra boost of confidence by which they verbally say " I can't wait to see to see you on Forbes Magazine" not going to lie it makes me feel awesome. Yet I also grew up with many obstacles as like anyone else but the major difference is I refuse to let them drown me. I use that to build strength and be able to put forth motivation into myself. What brought me here to this website is the simple fact of more knowledge, more ways I can be successful not only by words but with action. I want to see myself more forward and be able to put my knowledge to great use for my future. I want guidance, I want to gain more perspective and overall I want to grow and be able to keep growing. I would appreciate a mentor to teach me to be more balance, how to become successful in many aspects of my life. I am eager to learn and be able to apply the knowledge any mentor is willing to give me to my own personal life.

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