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I' m MICHAEL APPETOVI KWAKU, from Ghana, a man of 30years of age, a bread seller at the moment, i am from a nuclear family of seven children, from four different women and the only male child to my Mom, despite my Dad's four wives, one at a time, non of these women stayed till For better for worse and till Death do us apart as they promised each other. Growing up as little kids by my Dad with my other siblings of four in number been abandoned by our mom's, our Dad was everything to us and everything we had. Dad was a Carpenter, a very good one and professional at that. But quite unfortunate. At a very young age, watching Dad move halter scatter day-in-day out, sweating heavily under the Sun, hustling, Toiling from one struggles to another, seeking for customers orders, providing shelter and feeding us the best possible way he could. With no helpers, no friends, no wife, no colleagues nor family members to give a Helping hand or aid to his struggles and his kids, at times i watch Dad weep and weep uncontrollably day after day, as no work(order) keeps coming and sickness sets in, his health keeps deteriorating and stroke took over. Then i have to become the anchor to my Dad and my other siblings, with very low level of education and very little knowledge was offered to our face, fate took over as the struggles and hustles continue, at age twenty(20), i move from one laborer work to another with the best of my knowledge to keep Dad alive and provide for my other siblings, who are fully grown now with unprecides dreams for the future and the family, however my greatest dreams and Desire is to become ToastMaster, a guitarists and a Motivational Speaker some day. Today am thirty years of age, a bread seller, a young man with no girlfriend nor wife, no friends, no kids and all i seek is a deep knowledge, wisdom and understanding as to how things work in this world and how to go about things as a man with purpose on earth. Been all alone till Dad kicked the bucket three(3) years ago, i relies i cant do this all alone then to seek for a Mentor who can endure and put up with, help me accomplish my dreams in the future yet to come and be a better man for the family, to mankind and to uphold my father's lagacy. Today am thirty(30)years, with an unrest mind, sleepless night and keep wondering what the future holds for me each day and night. Two things i have come across and learnt in my mine early life, to offer to a Mentor as a reward is SERVINGHOOD AND SEED.

Thank you.
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Michael Appetovi Kwaku
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