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30 years ago I had a brain haemorrhage and a speech and language disability (aphasia), aged 28. Before my trauma, I got 2 degrees in Communication Studies and worked for 7 years in various housing and homelessness organisations and I was on various committees too. After my haemorrhage, about 2 years afterwards, I set up a self-help group called Aphasia Nottingham for people with aphasia, like myself and I ran that for 12 years. I’m also half paralysed etc etc! For the last 10 years, I’ve been doing personal challenges in terms of static bike riding and slow walking for a number of charities and I have a great team supporting me. Next week, I’ve been nominated and shortlisted for the Nottingham awards. I’m nearly 59 and I’ve got both physical disabilities and aphasia but I feel I still have a lot more to offer with a mentor helping me.

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