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Where do I even start? I’m confident I can figure out how to buy a business or find someone with those answers. If someone has insight, awesome but I am primarily here for dating and building friendships.

It seems women today say they want something then their actions show the direct opposite. Idk where else to turn. I get let down, return with a smile, happens again and I just can’t take it anymore. I have never felt like I clicked with people. Always felt like an outsider. Which is ironic because I work straight commission/sales and I do very well honestly.
This dating world and lack of loyalty with everyone has me feeling hopeless and without a will to keep going.

I want to become a mentor. When I graduated school, I had zero idea what I wanted to do and felt I had no one to guide me or discuss what the world has to offer. So I went out and got a job, if I didn’t like it or wanted to change it, I would. I’ve had a million jobs and I’ve gotten negative feedback for that, but screw it. I found my way through the wrong ways and I’ll never apologize for that. Better than not doing anything. I feel a lot of kids don’t know what to do so they follow someone else’s dream or sign up for college having zero idea what they’re doing. So maybe a little mentorship on how to become a mentor.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

Step by step guidance to obtain what I want from life.
Details on things I may not understand.
Precisely, how to buy a business.
Understanding with dating! I feel like I’m drowning

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