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I reside in South Africa, Cape Town. I hold a National Diploma in Public Management, Certificate in Facilitation skills and I am a certified Life Coach.

My passion in life is to steer the wheel of others in a direction of the fulfilment of their dreams regardless of the obstacles they face. That's what my purpose is and I just love it! I love people, understanding their motives is my drive.

With my experience as a facilitator at the Healing for the Institute of Memories, I have seen how the healing process has power within an individual to develop them into becoming whole and be in touch with who they are. Empowering people and instilling self-worth, self love and confidence are what is needed by society. Life skills are a need for the world at large in order to come to a journey of congruence.

Inspiring and motivating others comes natural, its a gift that I am nurturing and developing. My internal intuitive moral compass always points in the direction of what is right, proper and true. I trust my strong convictions to direct me to the right path, regardless of the obstacles I face. Therefore as I live according to this principle I believe others potentially can succeed. I use my strategic planning talent combined with tools and personal methodology to stretch people interestingly to help them grow. This is my fuel and what brings me satisfaction.

Individuals, organizations, groups or teams who would like to embark on the next step in their life through Coaching/Mentoring or even Facilitation with me can e-mail me on mgbemenab@gmail.com or they can call me on +27 73 676 9452

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