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Hello, my name is Hella-May Mcintosh-king. My pet name is Charmaine, I live in west London. I am mother of two, 22 and 15. My son who is fifth have special needs ADHD he open my eyes to old new world now he is 15 it's not been but I wouldn't change been a mum I not having my kids for the world. They make me who I am today a good mother who love her kids with all her, they help to love other kids and see them as my own. I work previously as a support worker for adults with learning for 11 years. I always want to be a mentor but never sure how to go about it, has I do enjoy helping and supporting others, as I find it very enjoyable knowing that I can make someone else happy are helping that person getting through the hardest patches of life. I was born in the Caribbean island of Jamaica life wasn't that great growing up, I was the last born of 3 girls didn't have a dad in my life. My mother was very poor it's was hard for her to even send me to school are given me the little things a child required, like toys, food, are even shoe to wear to school. I had it hard I stop going to school just before I get to year 9. My mother never tell me she me never knew what it feels like hear that word from your mother as a child, but some where in my I knew she love me. At 18 I had my daughter Pritanya I didn't know nothing about a child, my mother use to help me out with. I start to provide for myself just after leaving between 15-16. After having my daughter I left her with my mum to work, I worked in a bar for a while didn't really enjoy it as a young girl, it wasn't for but I need the money. I later left Jamaica and to Europe holland, then to England when my life went up side down, that's when it all started. Now all I really wanted to do is helping other to better and greater from my life experience, from my experience young see a way true life true me. I promise to be there and be supportive anyway and every way possible are in anyway I can.

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