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My name is Jamal I'm originally from NYC but I currently live in NC. I am a African American male looking to help mentee with a little push and guidance with their lifes. My experiences are working with the LGBTQ+ Community on Public safety aswell as mentoring some individuals.
I've learned over the years that ACTION expresses everything you need to know about a person. In my 20s I've experienced homelessness, lose of loved ones, divorce and a host more of strength which has made me great men today, some of us struggle with life & adulthood in America. My goal is to guide you into becoming a better person. If you looking for a great mentor with personal life experience! I can help you! If you looking for business mentor/enterpreneur I can help aswell! I'm currently the founder of my own nonprofit organization called Nested Beads of Path. Life is never easy without guidance from others.


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