Life & Personal Development Mentor

Hiii ! My name is Kierra P , 22 yr old Life coach Student.
I’ve previously worked as a teacher assistant for children ages 5-10 with autism spectrum disorders. I have many experiences with mentoring and helping people reach both long and short term goals.
As your mentor, We will work on Three things:
* Physical Well-being
* Emotional Well-being
* Cognitive Well-being

I will Provide you with the tools, guidance, support, and feedback you need to thrive in your career.
Below is my personal contact information. I look forward to working with you ! Hope to hear from you soon 💜

Email :
Phone # : 810-333-9249

What I Expect From A Mentee:

🌟Motivation to Succeed
🌟Time Management Skills
🌟Positive Attitude
🌟Willingness to Learn

More about this mentor:

  • Member since over 2 years
  • Currently mentoring 2 people

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