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Hey, I'm a mentor which has an experience in personal life, Spiritual and marriage. But I will entertain also other problems.

All people has its own unique problem. You will be looking for someone to share to lighten up the burden. Maybe your family, friends, business partners, or someone whom you've seen for the first time can be someone you can express your feelings.

I treat anyone here as my close friend. You can confide me everything, but most especially on personal and spiritual aspect of your life. I want to lift together with you the burden you bring to lighten up your feeling.

The Master of the Universe is the Source of Light! He is always in our time and space and share a spark of His light to people who have fallen into darkness. The people is always dreaming for peace, tranquility, love, freedom and security. But many times of their lives were disturbed of problems, envy and doubts and their lives were in shambles.

Don't forget my FRIEND that here is Light amidst us. Your gloomy life will be brightens and glow like a radiance in the sky. I, too, want to share the Light of the Master and I want also to take part of your problems so that we could both be a sharer of Light.

Do you have a Problem? Do you need someone to talk to? Share to me everything and I will give you insights based on the Wisdom from the One Above who is the Source of Lights.

I will not judge but to guide you along the way to the life you want to be.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

He/She must be honest of opening up his/her problems. Willing to share everything and has a commitment to participate the discussion.

More about this mentor:

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