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I'm an entrepreneur who is just 19 y/o, and I have some of my lives rule, which becomes a key weapon for me to rule the world and be my boss. I have no one to monitor me but myself I don't allow anyone to slap me or tell me any harsh words instead; I try to make mistakes and chill; I fail too. But that failure is the only thing that pats me on my back and says "NO WORRIES" at least you've tried, & now you're more powerful and experienced than before. So I also want to mentor you guys and want you to learn how to be your boss. I really want to help you eradicate this "how-to" and from "where to" from your life. I will give you Skype or WhatsApp one-to-one lecture daily and will make you a real gem.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

To provide me with a proper amount that I deserve to be his/her mentor and to share each and everything so openly with me.

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