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Hi I'm Perry. I have a message for those of you who believe they are special and unique and have dreams they want fulfilled. Who are on a journey of self discovery and even in times of limiting self belief and doubt never quit. Individuals who are looking for a challenge and want to live life on their own terms, taking reference from a proven day to day path towards personal growth. A person that has these 2 special qualities. Persistence and consistency. A person with willingness to learn on a day to day basis to make their goals a reality. To incorporate an acceptance that to initiate positive change in their lives, good habits have to replace the not so good habits, to enjoy a limitless lifestyle of their own making. Only 6 daily activities have to be in place to start a journey of abundance and towards prosperity. My role is to show you a path to your aims and objectives with exciting self belief by creating self awareness and a raised consciousness. These potentialities, you have always possessed but probably never before realised the power of. I will show you how to exploit that inner strength you have and how to harness, unlock and project your true nature and ability in every sphere of your life. Are you ready for fostering positive change in your life to create your desired reality? Then lets take this journey together and travel path less travelled with assured success and happiness. What is this mentorship? Its an affordable connection to a global mentoring system that is self-funding after the initial payment of services rendered. It is a video tutorial series with One on One daily schooling and support via phone, email or skype. The modules cover physical, mental & spiritual growth. There are opportunities to meet the mentors and mentees as a community across the world for advanced mentorship and pastoral care. The tuition and access to all the materials you need are provided on and offline. You can earn as you learn and meet people with tremendous drive and passion in this educational network.

On qualification you become a director/mentor yourself and if you choose can create your own masterclass. The message is a clear and logical one. To help people become commanders of their own destiny. The self development program requires focus and you will set your own preferred deadlines, module by module to track your progress, and insure your aims and objectives are met. As your support I will be on hand as your tutor to make sure all your efforts are nourished and nurtured. The future looks very bright for the kind of person described above wishing to expand personal, family, career and business growth and development. If you think you this could be the tuition you require I will be pleased to include the next steps required which is a request for your contact details via my website and a phone interview followed by a presentation video.

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