Life & Personal Development Mentor

I can help others by listening to their story, learning about them and encouraging and supporting them to move forward in their life be it in the community, at work, and with their family and friends. I've been through a lot of personal emotional stuff as a child and adult, and I'm in a very strong place. I would love to impart how I'm able to keep on moving forward in order to help others do the same, with a clear aim of becoming and remaining happy no matter what life throws at us.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I expect a mentee to be open to and having the desire to move forward. I expect respect and understanding. I expect them to want to improve their situation. I know it's tough sometimes to find that desire, and talk positively about life, and I also know that nothing is impossible. Therefore, no matter how difficult life is right now, I expect the mentee to have the desire to improve their lot and get themselves not only stable and happy but in a place where they can then share that personal victory socially as well.

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  • Member since over 6 years

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