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I have experienced life for 48 years in profoun ways. I was born into a low income family . At the age of 18 i joined the u.s. army where i served 8 years. One of those years i spent in Saudi Arabia . Immediately after leaving the military i began working in a maxim security prison located in rural Virginia. I worked there 10 years tge last 3 years i was a building sergeant. In 2003 i returned so California . I now coach youth sports basketball and football. This is where my love of sharing my mistakes and experiences with the childern i coach and sometimes their parents.

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First rule of help is as follows, my level of success depends on your level of commitment to change. Your honesty moreover what you really want from a mentor. There is no magic answer but hard work.

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Hey big brother,

Its been some time now since we spoke. But since we spoke Ive joined a fraternity called Alpha Omega kappa. My divorce with my ex wife is still in process. But im in a better head space. I was very depressed man. I started feeling like a sorry ass until i prayed. And started putting my energy into the gym. I also started encouraging others to do the same. Uplifting other brothers and sisters to have strength in themselves to move on out of dark places. I've also been doing community service every month as support for my organization. Plus im still in college. But all in all things are better with me.

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Written about almost 7 years ago

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