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I've had a crazy life and it's still going. I could be be a mentor as well as a mentee, but isn't that true for all of us? I went from never being allowed to get an education my entire childhood and teen years to earning my GED, Associate's degree and this December, my bachelors in Psychology. I became an officer in several clubs at community college and then at university, and I've given several public speeches and led workshops. Throughout the years I've been trained in personal development practices such as meditation, peer counseling and compassionate communication and empathetic listening. I've added thai bodywork (a type of yoga+massage practice) to my toolkit recently with two certifications. I grew up emotionally abused moving from place to place and without an identification, but I made my way and learned not only how to live my life but how to love it and love giving back in the process. I love helping other people and I'd love to help you.

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