Life & Personal Development Mentor

Hi. My name is Rivky. I believe I was sent to the earth to help others discover their own hidden light, to embody that light, and connect to Source. This is my passion.
I have two health coaching certifications. One from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and the other is the David Wolfe Nutrition Certification.
In IIN we were taught that all areas of life balance must be accounted for when trying to lead a productive and healthy life. As mentor/coach I will help each client find their life goals and priorities, and help keep them focused on all major areas of life.
I will connect to my mentee and give them the love and support they deserve. I will also keep them focused on their priorities; setting one or two goals to complete for the next session. I am open to listening to each client and will help the individual to start listening to themselves.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

The expectations that I have for my mentees include; following up with goals specified in the previous session, only contacting me during sessions unless otherwise specified, and to show up to sessions on-time with an open mind.

More about this mentor:

  • Member since about 4 years

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