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Hello there ^^
I am a young woman who is inspired and wants to inspire others to become someone worthwhile and become someone that can shine through. Just like every other mentor, I have been through my own personal experience of being down and stopped in a pave road. Being stuck in this thick burden of thoughts is tough, right? Now I hope me as a young woman can help those around me.
Mental health is difficult. I wish to be that person to listen and help you feel lighter. I'll give you a lending ear and be the cushion for your heavy weight of anger.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I expect my mentee to be open and honest. Don't be afraid. Everything is confidential. I was once known as the safe keeper in high school.
You can contact me through your own adjustable times that you are able to contact and talk to me. Homework should be done at least at the end of the week. One must take time and think through. One must be able to rest, especially for your mind. Take your time and ask for help.

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