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LIFE- MISSION STATEMENT: My purpose in life is to add value to other people. To inspire people to live lives of greatness “I have a passion to see people grow and develop; to move into greater wholeness; to expand their thinking beyond that which is comfortable. I have a longing to see people reach their potential

What I Expect From A Mentee:

Would like sense of commitment and ownership of the therapeutic mentoring process. Mutual respect and accountability. Celebrating small success steps. taking action and be fully engaged in the own recovery and growth process. Take away home reflective tasks

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My brother is going to hell right now the police officers fed her mind and now they're trying to give him 20 to 30 years or life without parole I need some help I need someone to tell me what to do I am praying and I know that God is looking down and I know that he's also knowing that the heart that my brother has is of gold he is a good person please someone help me

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Written about over 8 years ago

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