Life & Personal Development Mentor

My name is Tyrone Brackens and I am a life long learner, mentor, creative writer and avid reader who loves to exercise in my spare time. I have mentored at 3 different organizations.

I can help every student that comes to me to discover, explore, and conceptualize their own life story, in an attempt to exploit the opportunities that their experiences has afforded them. In addition, I can help the learn the importance of communication and how it can reframe their world .

As I continue on in my educational journey it is only right that I tutor and help others benefit from the mistakes that I have made concerning my many years in the educational system. Although, I approach life from a holistic perspective and has found value in learn from various walks of life, I still have a passion to help others grow and to become successful in the wake of their only life journey. Mentoring or coaching as a means of giving back helps me to give others what I wasn't able to get growing up in this educational system here in America. So, despite what walk of life or educational system(s) you were reared in I can offer advice, wisdom, truth, and understanding to help meet any of your obligations.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I expect my mentee to be open-minded and be patient with the process.

More about this mentor:

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