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I have huge life experiences from psychology, global travel, living overseas, Law Enforcement, Education, Advice and Guidance, Nature and Wildlife Conservancy and from my work in the research and development of EQ Emotional Intelligence. EQ is truly, truly critical in every age, gender, culture, outlook, coaching, educational commitments, profession, sport and social contexts and I was the first to gain National Accreditation for qualifications in the UK. To enable an individual to 'Thrive' in today's modern world they need a good level of Emotional Intelligence and with me you would have the best qualified and sympathetic Mentor. Contact me initially for an idea of services offered.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

Everyone needs a good level of Emotional Intelligence to 'Thrive'. Career progression, Mental Health issues, Social struggles, anxieties, finding strategies to cope, to recognise and be aware that you need some support and guidance are all issues that Mentees should recognise and take action to gain.

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