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My name is Dee. I am a spirit lead Christian mentor. I am interested in help young women walk in the direction God has for them by trapping into God's word. I am interested in individual who seriously want a true change in their lives. I am reaching out to help perceive strong individuals learn how to express that they are not okay and how to ask for what they want and need in life.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

We always communicate no matter whether we agree or disagree. For us to always be honest and constant with our meeting. always to be respectful of each other no matter our feelings toward a decision.

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Reviews From 1 Mentees:

She reaches out to me every morning and sends very inspirational messages to help me start the day off right. She is very concerned with my well being and happiness. She is a very great mentor!!!

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Written about almost 4 years ago

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