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I have four children, all grown. I adopted three of my children and one gad a form if autusm. I was very involved in their lives and they are doing well.
Im a good listener with a lot if empathy and can guide and support without being pushy. I would love being a grandmother figure to a younger person and her children, if she has any.
I love animals, reading, writing and volunteering. I really like to help people.. I live in Wisconsin, but can communicate by texting, phonecalls and Skype. Hooe to meet you soon.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I would like a mentee who needs a listening ear and all I expect is the truth. I am very openminded and will not judge you. GLT welcome. I would enjoy a grandmother type relationship that is caring on bith sides. Your race or ethnicity doesnt matter to ne at all. My three adopted live ones are one asian girl, one biracial girl and sn African American son. I am caucasian, but because I love my kids, I dont tolerate bigotry in my life. I expect you to be okay that Im caucasion. It is okay for you to make mistakes...everyone does...but I expect you to try hard to learn from them.

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