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Hi, My name is Samantha aka Soca Sam. I am a mum to five children and I have been a self-taught Life Coach since 1992 when I graduated from college to become A Qualified Nursery Nurse. I am a Mum first, a carer, I teach life skills; as well as in schools/ hospitals too as a TA (Teaching Assistant) and I am a DJ too! Might seem like I am too much or just crazy, but I have always liked life to be a challenge. Busy is always great because you can relax and stop doing too many activities whenever you want to. Obviously, we need to balance resting and working equally. Relaxing and making time to chill out is so important to our health.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I would expect my mentees to answer truthfully as possible. To be relaxed around me and to speak their true thoughts. I would like them to contact me whenever they feel that they want to.It would be nice to keep in contact at least once a month or every three months would be cool! I am easy going - NO PRESSURE! NO STRESS! NO time commitment or restrictions in regard to contacting me. Have a Blessed Life and look after yourselves. Stress Less! Live More!! Sam

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